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Current Sensors 5–100A AC


PCB Mountable CTs for 5A to 100A AC sensing applications, for Class 0.5 and class 1 applications.

Tech Specs

Quantity Part # Rating & TypeClassA (max)B (max)C (⌀) (max)D (front pins)E (rear pins)F (max)GH
5A Economy1.024266.815±0.519.0±1.5130.8±0.19.5±0.5
5A Phoenix Regular0.524266.815±0.519.0±1.5130.8±0.19.5±0.5
5A Phoenix Slim0.524266.815±0.519.0±1.5110.8±0.17.5±0.5
32A Phoenix0.5303213.019±0.525.4±1.5161.0±0.112.7±0.5
64A Phoenix0.5353611.519±0.525.4±1.5161.0±0.112.7±0.5
100A Phoenix0.5465025.030±1.024.0±1.5161.0±0.112.7±0.5
Technical Drawing of Current Transformer
All dimensions are in mm. Not to scale.


  1. Turn ratio is 1:2500. Custom ratings & turn ratios available on request.
  2. RoHS 3 compliance is available on most products, subject to our confirmation.
  3. Specifications subject to change without notice.
  4. Threaded inserts optional for 100A CTs for PCB mounting. Details available on request.

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