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Prismatic is India's leading manufacturer and supplier of transformers, chokes and other magnetic components.

Photo of Prismatic Head Office

The Company

With hq and main plant at Jigani, Bangalore and it’s 2nd Plant at Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh in India, Prismatic manufactures ferrite core based Switching Power transformers, Common Mode and Differential Mode input filter chokes in various geometries and rod/drum core based dc output chokes.

The lamination core range includes step down transformers for Linear Power Supplies, and Reactors / Inductors for Inrush Current Limiting, Power Factor Correction Systems and other electrical applications.

  • 2019

    Parwanoo plant capacity doubled

    Power Transformers successfully tested at cpri

    ce Marking obtained for Control Transformers & De-Tuning Reactors

  • 2018

    Introduced a range of Electronic Current Sensors for ac & dc measurements

    iso 9001:2015 certification obtained for tre division

  • 2017

    High volume production line setup for automotive parts at Bangalore & Parwanoo

  • 2016

    Plant-3 setup at Bangalore for tre division manufacturing

  • 2014

    New tre Division created for the design and manufacture of Transformers & Reactors for electrical applications

  • 2007

    HO & Plant-1 moved to own premises at Jigani, Bangalore

  • 2006

    Plant-2 setup at Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh

  • 2005

    Became a 100% lead-free product manufacturer

  • 2002

    tie iso 9001 certification

  • 1997

    Development support for Power Integrations India

  • 1994

    HO & Plant-1 commenced operations in Bangalore

  • 1993


The Prismatic Advantage

The high standards of commitment, support, global sourcing, quality & productivity have made Prismatic a reliable and cost effective option for its valued customers.

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