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Ferrite Transformers
  • 10 Pins
  • horizontal Bobbin

In this section, we have listed core and bobbin geometries that are most commonly used to build switching transformers. Do reach out to us if you need a specific size that isn’t listed here. You may use the data provided to finalize the transformer design and request a quote and samples. Footprint data provided is subject to change so check with us before you finalize your PCB layout on this basis.

Tech Specs

Technical Drawing of EFD25 10 Pins
All dimensions are in mm. Not to scale.
Winding Width
Winding Height
Core Ae
Core Le


  1. RoHS 3 compliance is available on most products, subject to our confirmation.
  2. Specifications subject to change without notice.
  3. Document Number: PEPL-CAT-13
  4. Release: 01/06/2009

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