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Thank You for the overwhelming response at  ELECTONICA INDIA 2014, Bangalore. India. 

Prismatic turned 21 on 15th of Dec 2014. 21 years of excellence in the field of Magnetics

Prismatic offers PCB Mountable Calss 0.5 CTs with upto 100A nominal rating 



The Prismatic Advantage
Design & Development
  • In-house Design Capability
  • Development of customized products, including tooling
  • Rapid product development and sample delivery
  • Product Application Support and Troubleshooting
  • An interactive approach that goes beyond the obvious and aims at optimizing designs for cost, performance and productivity through understanding of implied needs and conversation with the customer. 

Your Quality & Compliance Needs

ISO 9001:2008 certification. Familiarity with UL, VDE and other  agency requirements Lead-Free  products by default  RoHS products  being  supplied  since  February ‘06 (4 months early)  CACT  approved  products  for the Indian Telecom industry REACH initiative being launched in January  2009 for Europe Strong systems for Material sourcing and  traceability.

High End facilities at low and medium volumes

A customized ERP solution for order processing, material  planning, production and subcontractor management Production Planning and Coordination team to manage  the large number of delivery events. Maintenance of Buffer Stocks for economic sourcing inspite  at low  volumes. In house  facility for Core Gapping – gapped cores for even  low volume requirements Automatic Test  Equipment on par with most high volume  manufacturers.


Dynamic Manufacturing Facility

Assembly lines to ensure repeatability and speed for all your products, irrespective of volume Dedicated teams
for sample lots, very low volumes, special products Spare Capacity designed into the system for Urgent and  Emergency Requirements Products can be shipped from Bangalore or our cenvat exempt unit at Parwanoo (HP).

Diverse Product and Application Range

  • Ferrite Core transformers in various geometries
  • Energy Storage Chokes
  • Line Frequency Transformers
  • Pulse & Signal Transformers
  • Toroidal Transformers and Inductors
  • High Accuracy Ni-Fe CTs for power and energy metering
  • Standard range of Common Mode chokes (current compensated chokes)
  • Standard range of Rod and Drum based EMI chokes
  • Products are offered with vacuum impregnation, encapsulation, special mounting or clamping,
  • Sleeving, connectors, studs, etc
  • Customization is our specialization.
  • Transformers for low power self-oscillating Inverting Circuits


Advantage India

Well educated,  English  speaking  work  forces  Second  largest producer  of  engineering  graduates  from world-class  institutes  Large domestic markets  protect against  fluctuations in  world  markets Huge infrastructure investments being made for rapid transportation of  people and  goods supportive and stable Government World’s largest democracy with representation of all levels of society  ensures a safe & non-exploitive industrial environment.

An ISO 9001 : 2008 certified Design, Manufacture and Supply of Transformers , Chokes and other Magnetic Components for Electronics Applications.

An ISO 9001 : 2008 certified Manufacture and Supply Transformers , Chokes and other Magnetic Components for Electronics Applications.
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