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Thank You for the overwhelming response at  ELECTONICA INDIA 2014, Bangalore. India. 

Prismatic turned 21 on 15th of Dec 2014. 21 years of excellence in the field of Magnetics

Prismatic offers PCB Mountable Calss 0.5 CTs with upto 100A nominal rating 




What are the products you manufacture?

  • Transformers, Filtering and Energy Storage Chokes for AC-DC & DC-DC converters and various  SMPS  topologies
  • Line Frequency Transformers for Linear Power Supplies
  • Transformers for low power self-oscillating Inverting Circuits
  • Pulse & Signal Transformers
  • High Accuracy Ni-Fe CTs for Precision power and energy metering
  • Wide range of Common Mode and Differential mode EMI Filter Chokes
  • Magnetic components for Medical, Automotive and other critical applications


What are your typical Delivery Schedules?

  • Average turn-around time for Samples - 1 Week (Minimum - 2 days) Typical Delivery Schedule - 2  to  4 weeks

Can you undertake tooling of special bobbins?
We work in close association with  highly skilled  tooling and bobbin manufacturers, and  tooling  for  special bobbins can be undertaken on a case-to-case basis. Raw materials are also  sourced globally for high volume and special requirements. 

Can you supply Products complying with various Safety and Regulatory

We already supply magnetics to manufacturers of Products certified by  CACT,  UL,  CE   and  various other  agencies,  and  are  familiar  with  the  requirements  of  various  national  and    international standards. Supply of certified products would be possible in large volume orders, or against  payment of certification costs. We globally source and stock the  various recognised / certified  raw   material  required to manufacture products complying to standards. 

What are the types of cores and bobbins you use?
Cores: Ferrite cores of EE, EI, EER, EC, U, Drum, Rod geometries, high flux density  lamination  cores  in  CRGO  &  CRNGO,  High  Permeability Ni-Fe  etc.  Bobbins: Nylon, Phenolic and  other  materials  including 94V-0 grades,  with through-hole and SMD pins, Flying Leads, etc. Custom bobbins  can be developed, subject to conditions.

Why can't I View PDF files online-in Microsoft Windows XP SP2?
This is a known issue with Microsoft Windows XP SP2. User may need to  download the files in order to view it, by "Right Clicking" on  the download link and selecting the "Save target as" option.


What is “Search by Lot Number”?

Prismatic identifies most of its products by printing the following information on them:

  • Product Description (alphanumeric characters) provides an easy method for the user to identify the product.
  • Lot Number is the serial number printed after the “#” and is assigned to a batch of products. It identifies the product and important traceability information of products in that batch.
  • Wherever space permits, “Prismatic” or “PEPL” is also printed on the product.

 The Lot Number Search option on our Homepage allows you to find out the product code and description from the Lot Number provided. You may use this information while requesting a quote or sample. Lot Numbers of very small parts may be obtained from the labels affixed on the packing boxes.


Why is the “Search by Lot Number” returning an error message or not identifying the product?

The lot number provided by you does not exist, or is a custom part as clarified below.

Prismatic has many products developed to customer's specifications. We do not share details of such custom products, unless permitted by the customer. We will similarly safeguard your interests on all products developed against your specifications.









An ISO 9001 : 2008 certified Design, Manufacture and Supply of Transformers , Chokes and other Magnetic Components for Electronics Applications.

An ISO 9001 : 2008 certified Manufacture and Supply Transformers , Chokes and other Magnetic Components for Electronics Applications.
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